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A Paint Correction is the removal of imperfections in your vehicles paint by taking off a thin layer of clear coat.

It is not a just quick ‘buff’ or 'polish'. A Paint Correction is a very long haul process and it is a complete transformation of your car’s paintwork. It requires a lot of time and expertise, and is for customers who are looking for the best possible finish for their vehicles paint.

Everyday wear and paint imperfections like swirl marks, water spots, minor scratches and even bird etching marks can leave your paint looking tired/dull and over time your car starts to lose its lustre or shine.

A Professional Paint Correction can usually remove all of these issues without the high cost and inconvenience of repainting and bring back the feeling of a brand new car again.

Paint Correction Chart


Here at Limitless Detail NJ we inspect your car to evaluate the condition of the paint before we offer a final recommendation for your vehicle. Firstly we use a ‘Paint Thickness Gauge’ that tells us the overall thickness of your paint in microns, these professional gauges are worth hundreds of dollars and can provide valuable information to the history of the paint. We also use a ScanGrip paint inspection light to investigate and see if the car has been resprayed or repaired, as these are also important factors. Based on our years of experience and considering these factors to fully assess your car, will allow us to provide you with an informative and accurate time and cost for correcting your paintwork.

Proper preparation is also the key to good results. Your car will be snow foamed and hand washed to dissolve all the dirt and grime, de-waxed to remove any old polishes or waxes that may be hiding more defects, and decontaminated to remove road tar and iron particles that are on the paint. We then use 3M automotive tape to protect the trim, rubbers and other areas that are sensitive. This preparation takes time but ensures the very best results. ( most other "detailers" do not bother with this process.)

Here at Limitless Detail NJ we use only the latest and current techniques, chemicals and equipment from premium brands such as Rupes, Gyeon, CarPro, Sonax and Jescar. These products are highly effective on nearly all paint finishes including single stage paint and clear coat paint. 

After renewing your paint's finish, we will then detail the rest of the exterior of your car, and protect your paint with a premium paint sealant, or a ceramic paint protection coating of your choice. This will finish and protect your car paint in that deep, clear gloss and makes it easier for you to wash and keep your car immaculate.

A professional paint correction can last for many years. It is not something that needs to be repeated frequently – proper washing, protection and maintenance are the key to keeping your paint in excellent condition.

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